Frequently asked questions

Can anyone take these courses?

The online courses available on TeachingEnglish are developmental courses for in-service teachers. If you are looking for a qualification, or not yet working as a teacher, you might like to try CELTA.

What level of English do I need? 

Unless otherwise stated within the course information, Council of Europe Framework (CEF) level B1 and above is required for our courses. For more information about CEF, click here or paste the following link into your browser:

What is a self-study module?

These are three-hour modules on a specific teaching theme that you work through at your own pace. There is no start or finish date and you can access the content again and again whenever you have time. You can take as many of these modules as you like. 

What is a moderated course?

These are courses which are led by an experienced moderator (online tutor). You will work with the moderator and other participants from around the world on a specific schedule to complete the course. For each moderated course there will be set modules, forum discussions based on these modules, a number of webinars (online workshops that take place in real time) and several assignments to complete.

What is a webinar?

Webinars are online workshops with your moderator and other participants that take place in real time using software called Zoom. In each webinar you'll interact with your group and consolidate what you've learned in the module you're studying. You might discuss a topic in more detail, personalise the module content for your context or brainstorm teaching ideas in a small group called a breakout group. 

Your moderator will provide a link for you to join the webinar using your computer, tablet or mobile phone. The first time you join a webinar, you'll need to download the free Zoom app.

Each webinar lasts around one hour and the time of the webinar is negotiated by the whole group so that everyone has a chance to attend. The webinars are recorded so you can watch again later.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes - certificates for all courses and individual modules are provided as PDFs.

  • Courses: for participants who successfully complete the course, there will be a downloadable certificate of completion signed by the Online Teacher Development Adviser at the end of the course. To successfully complete moderated courses participants need to complete all tasks and achieve a score of 70% or above in the online exercises, and also interact in forums and complete assignment(s). (Please see individual course descriptions for full requirements for each course.)
  • Individual modules: for participants who successfully complete all tasks and achieve a score of 70% or above in the online exercises, there will be a downloadable certificate of completion at the end of each module. 

How do I pay and enrol?

The British Council uses PayPal for online payments. Click on the 'purchase' button for the course or individual module you wish to take. You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay, and can pay with most credit and debit cards. PayPal also allows you to pay with an e-cheque. See for more information. Note that if you choose to use an e-cheque for a course, your place on the course will not be guaranteed until the e-cheque has cleared.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes - receipts can be viewed and re-printed at any time by going to the my purchases area. 

What is the refund policy?

See this page for full details.

What are the terms of sale?

Please see this document.

Can I take a course for free?

There are several free modules you can take. Search under the 'Getting Started' category to find them.   They are available to everyone.

Each month there is also a special promotional module that has a 50% discount. Look under the 'special offer' tab at the top of the page to find out more. 

Where do I assess my skills?

Go to the home page and click on Assess My Skills top left or click on the CPD diagram.

Why should I assess my skills?

The British Council's Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) has been designed to help you to find new opportunities for continuing professional development by identifying aspects of your teaching you feel you need to work on. The tool will analyse your responses and make some recommendations for modules based on these answers. Try to respond as accurately and honestly as you can, so that the results will be of maximum benefit to you. 

I work in a low-resource context – is the Self-Assessment still relevant for me?

Yes. You should answer the questions from the perspective of what you think you can do as a teacher, not what you can or can't do in your school or institution. This is about where you see your ability independent of where you're currently working. 

Will this Self-Assessment data be shared with anyone?

The final results are just for you and won't be shared with anyone (unless you choose to do so). 

How long will the Self-Assessment take?

15-30 minutes; set aside at least 15 minutes to answer the questions to give yourself enough time to think carefully about each statement. The self-assessment should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. 

How often should I take the Self-Assessment?

That's up to you. We'd recommend at least once or twice every year so you can see the progress you are making. 

What do the Self-Assessment results show?

The diagram shows your stage of development across nine professional practices. The bars show progress and move from left to right: the longer the bar, the stronger you feel you are in that area. This should help to indicate which aspects of teaching to focus on for future professional development. For detailed information on the stages of Awareness, Understanding, Engagement and Integration please refer to the British Council Continuing Professional Development Framework (CPDF).

Do I have to take the recommended modules?

No. This is just for guidance and based on your self-assessment. You may decide that other modules are more suitable for your current situation and interests. We will be adding new modules on a regular basis.

Can I take a face-to-face teacher training course?

Yes! The British Council has an extensive network of teacher training centres. CELTA is just one of the many courses you can take with us around the world – find out which countries we offer it in here. For details of other face-to-face courses where you are, please contact your local British Council office. Choose your country from the drop-down menu on this page for their website and contact details:

How can I work for the British Council?

You can view vacancies and apply here: