Language level:CEFR B1

Time:3 hours

Be part of a global network of experienced teaching professionals. Take this free familiarisation module and gain the skills you need to begin your new professional development journey.

This is a free module from the British Council.


This module introduces you to the course platform and the collaborative and reflective tools you'll be using. You'll find out how to use the platform, get support when you need it and create an online presence. You'll also think about online communication and reflective practice.

By the end of this first unit of the module, you'll be able to:

  • get technical support
  • create a profile
  • take part in a forum discussion
  • meet other people who are learning with you
  • explain the success factors in online learning
  • take part in a real-time online meeting
  • understand the importance of reflective practice
  • use a variety of tools to reflect on your learning
  • access useful resources for each module.

Getting started
Unit 1 – Introductions
eLearning course
Unit 2 – Collaborative tools
eLearning course
Unit 3 – Reflective practice
eLearning course
Type:Learning path