Evaluating and creating digital content

Language level:CEFR B1

Time:15hours/5 weeks

Start date:06/06/18

Register for Evaluating and creating digital content and take part in a course that explores how to evaluate and create digital resources and activities to use with your learners, in and out of the classroom.


Work with your moderator and other participants to evaluate and develop resources and activities using technology. Work through four modules covering searching and copyright, using digital images, evaluating and integrating websites and game-based learning to enable your learners to practise and develop their English skills using a variety of exciting digital content.

There are different start date options for this course. Please select the cohort with the start date you want when you enrol.

The modules in this course fall under the professional practice Integrating ICT. This includes:

  • Developing effective strategies for locating appropriate digital content.
  • Evaluating the potential effectiveness and appropriacy of digital content, tools and platforms for achieving desired learning outcomes.
  • Using technology in the production of teaching and learning materials.
  • Setting up activities that support learning by exploiting appropriate digital content, tools and platforms.
  • Promoting autonomous learning by exploiting digital content and technologies inside and outside of the formal learning environment.
  • Promoting collaborative and participatory learning by exploiting online communities, tools and platforms.
  • Reflecting on the effectiveness of my integration of ICT into the teaching and learning process.

Before taking this course, we recommend you take the self-access module, Understanding learning technologies – introduction to learning technologies.

To pass the course you need to score at least 70% in online exercises and participate actively in online forum discussions and webinars (online workshops that take place in real time). You'll also need to complete an assignment to demonstrate your application of course content in your teaching. This involves using video observation technology both to reflect on your own classes and to peer observe another course participant.

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Getting started
Unit 1 – Introductions
eLearning course
Unit 2 – Collaborative tools
eLearning course
Unit 3 – Reflective practice
eLearning course
Engaging with learning technologies – searching and copyright
Unit 1 – Using a search engine
eLearning course
Unit 2 – Doing a research project
eLearning course
Unit 3 – Understanding copyright
eLearning course
Engaging with learning technologies – using digital images in education
Unit 1 – Finding images online
eLearning course
Unit 2 – Creating digital images
eLearning course
Unit 3 – Lesson planning with digital images
eLearning course
Engaging with learning technologies – evaluating and integrating websites
Unit 1 – Suitable websites for teaching
eLearning course
Unit 2 – Evaluating activities
eLearning course
Unit 3 – Designing web-based lessons
eLearning course
Engaging with learning technologies – game-based learning
Unit 1 – Why use digital games?
eLearning course
Unit 2 – Using authentic digital games
eLearning course
Unit 3 – Evaluating and designing games
eLearning course
Record of work
Record of work - MC_ECD
Type:Learning path